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Transyltown 124 by ibroussardart

My main piece of advice would be to move the camera around. Do some up shots as well as down shots. Also pull the camera back and then ...


Page 2 Pencils by shushubag
Page 2 Pencils
OK deviants. I decided to enter into the DC Talent Search. I tried to find the best script online and actually used one of their sample scripts for it. 

Here's the first page of the script. This is actually my first time drawing Red Robin and Cat-Woman in sequential form. I did a DC sample script years back and had drawn Bat-Man. 

On the Application they asked for a letter of recommendation from a working pro, which living in Hawaii is pretty hard, since I don't know many working professionals. BUT I did manage to marry someone who is related to the only other artist to work for Marvel and DC comics- Steve Leialoha. I met him in 2006 at my wife's family reunion. SO I told him all about my dreams and all that jazz and he sat down with me and looked over my art and basically explained to my how to really get the most out of your page, through story telling. And I've been doing comics ever since. And then he came up last year for Hawaiicon where we got to catch up and spend a little time with him and introduce my children, his great grand niece and nephews, as well as my wife who he already knew. So I asked him and he agreed and I also wanted him to sort of take me under his wing and sort of guide me in the story telling and layouts for this next bunch of pages.

And so here is the first of 5 pages in the talent search. I had sent him all these pages and took his advice and redid some stuff and now they're ready to be submitted.  
Page 3 Pencils by shushubag
Page 3 Pencils
Another first here- The Crusader. I never actually heard of this guy and just used a google search to get reference for him. Pretty cool villain, spewing the crazy bits from the bible according to the script and having fire balls, and snakes, and arrows, and knives all hovering around him, and at his command- off they go, which we'll see next page.  
Page 4 Pencils by shushubag
Page 4 Pencils
I struggled a bit at first with the layout for this page. Especially the last panel because there were things that the script specifically asked for and each time I tried a different thing I kept losing another thing the script called for. I had done a few different versions only to realize that the first one was the right one. I just needed to move some things around. 

I've been doing Indy comics for about 10 years so usually I have to be the writer, penciler, and inker, and have to make sure the balloons fit in and all that stuff. But it's nice to work off of a full script, especially when the writers have a specific vision and I can just trust them and let that part of my brain go and just draw. I can just trust that what the writers scripts is all going to take us somewhere cool. As an artist, I read a lot of scripts and can tell if I'm in good hands. Here, they only gave us 5 pages to work off of, but come on it's DC comics. I think they know what good writing is, so I could just relax that part of my brain and go to town on the drawing part, which is what I love to do. Plus it's just sample pages, so the art is being judged, not the writing. 
Page 5 Pencils by shushubag
Page 5 Pencils
Here we go! The fun stuff! Pages like these are what an artist dreams of doing. Good guy/Bad guy confrontation, leading up to an action sequence. 

I'm sort of a child when it comes to drawing lol, I start off with my favorite page to draw. I have a theory on why; when I'm having fun, it shows and the energy bounces and moves around and brings the quality up (to me at least) to a higher level. That way when I get to the boring pages and look at it next to the fun pages it has to jive with each other. Before I would draw from page 1 and move on, and most times the set up can be long and grueling to get to the good stuff and the work will suffer, not to mention the artist lol. But! If I skipped around then it became fun for me, which would resonate on the page.
Page 6 Pencils by shushubag
Page 6 Pencils
Here's another page that (I feel ) came together nicely but I struggled with at first. Again, I was trying to get everything in the script in there AND trying to get the dynamic characters in there. 
These pages were all about the layouts. Layouts, layouts, layouts. The tighter the layouts, the more sound the pages come out. 

I was never much of a Cat-Woman fan, but after drawing her on these pages I am. The design is so simple, yet elegant and really highlights the sexiness in the female form in such a way that comes across beautifully on the page. And that's just her appearance, not counting character and all those layers that really add to and define this character. I would love to draw more Cat-Woman and Bat-Man pages. They play well off each other in so many ways- male/female, detective/thief, powerful/sexy all things we look to in the opposite sex and how they attract are found in these 2. Pretty amazing.

Ok so with that, wish me luck guys.


DJ Keawekane
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Hello fellow deviants. My name is DJ Keawekane. I'm from Hilo, Hawaii. I'm a freelance artist who has done work for Big Dog Ink and Sand Box Studios. I grew up always getting into trouble for drawing too much because i just couldn't stop and now I'll never ever have to listen to any of those damn teachers or ex-bosses used to tell me to stop drawing.
I just got through skyping with a friend of mines and we were talking about Marketing in comics. The friend I was speaking with was Howard Wong a writer who works as a freelancer and put out After the Cape from Image Comics, has just been part of a successful kickstarter campaign with True Patriot and has been nominated for a Shuster award. So our situation is a bit odd because everyone who knows anything about comics knows that a huge part of marketing is the convention circuit but I live in Hawaii and he lives in China. So, we need other means to market our books. On-line of course is invaluable- twitter and facebook is a no brainer but after that it gets a bit fuzzy for me. Obviously you want to hit up CBR and Newsarama but the problem with those are you're in direct competition with the big boys Marvel and DC who lets face it they're going to win the attention battle. I mean I do it myself, I'll see something done by someone I may know personally but the whole time I read the article I can't wait to see what the big two have cooking- even if it's not that exciting. Marvel and DC are at the top of the food chain. Then you'll have the next tier of publishers like Dark Horse and Image, and then I think maybe IDW, Boom! and well I'm not sure how the order goes in terms of what's popular. So to me it's a battle of attention. People know what they want and it's hard to break them off of their habits. Marketing, it just isn't my thing.

Now having said that. I would like to offer what I think may potentially be a good idea. What about an agent that does the marketing for you? This is just me speaking off the top of my head so it may be the dumbest thing ever or maybe not. But how I imagine it is a person who lives in the U.S. Not Hawaii or Alaska- the lower 48 who's already doing conventions and he gets a cut off of everything sold, a percentage, something honest but gives him the initiative to sell more. The more he sells the more he makes. Think about it, there are those guys who believe and want to be a part of the community but never figure out how, I just figured it out for them. Now of course there are other issues at hand like him running off with all the profits not paying me or the other creators. And then you'd also have to add in more expenses on his end of things- hotel, lodging and whatever else but that's a different topic altogether. I think having some friends in this department would be great for the business.

What do you guys think? Brilliant? Dumb? Meh? ALready done before?

It would be great to get some feedback on this if indeed I do have people who read my journals.
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